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Ethiopian Holidays

Enkutatash (Ethiopian New Year) : 11 September
Meskel (The find of the True Cross) : 27 September
Genna (Ethiopian Christmas: birth of Christ) : 7 January
Timkat (Ethiopian Epiphany: baptism of Christ) : 19 January
Adwa Day (commemorates the victory by Menelik II over Italy in 1896) : 2 March
Patriots’ Day (celebrates end of Italian occupation in 1941) : 6 April
International Labour Day : 1 May
Ethiopian Good Friday May : variable
Fasika (Ethiopian Easter Sunday) May or April : variable
Eid al Fitr (end of month of fasting for Ramadan) May : variable
Eid al Adha August : variable

Entry Points

For travellers using the railway, there is a border point at Djibouti. Point of entry to Ethiopia by car include Moyale (Kenya), Humera and Metema (Sudan), as well as Galafi (Djibout). All arrivals undergo full customs and immigration checks. The vast majority of travelers however enter Ethiopia by plane through Bole International Airport in Addis Ababa.

Driving in Ethiopia

Drivers require a valid International Driving License, which can be obtained by exchanging their local license at the Transport and Road Authority office in Addis Ababa. Visitors can recover their original license a day or so prior to departure. Those with their own Vehicle will require a permit from the ministry of Transport and communication. Driving is on the right