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Outreach Partners

Ethiopia’s recent history of civil wars, famines and population displacement, along with poverty and under development generally, has created large numbers of destitute, particularly noticeable in Addis Ababa. Giving to one beggar often provokes a flood of others and does not really solve the problem. One of the negative impacts of tourism has been to foster a culture of begging, even among those not particularly in need. Generally, visitors should avoid giving pens, clothes and sweets to children – it is better to provide support to professionally managed social outreach projects such as schools, rehabilitation centers for disabled people, orphanages etc.
Welcome Ethiopia Tours is happy to facilitate donations to indigenous organisations working with the needy. If you are considering to contribute to an outreach project, for example by sponsoring an orphan child or buying handicrafts or jewellery from a rehabilitation centre, and if you can spare some extra time in Addis, we will be pleased to arrange visits to our partnering outreach projects which have been individually inspected by us and considered worth to be supported.
The following is the list of our partnering outreach projects:
Rehabilitation Centers